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Hi, I'm Meagan.

I'm a 23-year-old photographer based in southern California and constantly traveling. I specialize in wedding photography, elopements, and adventure photography. In the past year, I have travelled to 10 different states and 14 different countries all around the world. I've lived out of a suitcase for 2 months while traveling around Europe, jumped a moped while cruising through the streets of Bali, summited mountain peaks in the Swiss Alps, ate way too much food in Italy (when in Rome, right?), and have captured photos for brands and couples in all of these amazing places.

I want to use my photography to capture and tell your story. I'm not your photographer if you are looking for posed, by the book, simple images. I am your photographer if you are looking for authentic, candid, creative images that will always bring you right back to when they were taken.

If you and your partner consider yourselves adventurers, and want nothing more than to incorporate that within your engagement and wedding, please call me right away! There's nothing I love more than capturing love in epic places around the world. I want to capture everything- from the hours spent traveling, to the expressions on your faces while seeing a new place, all the fun you two have roaming around the beautiful location of your choice, your laughs, smiles, and everything in between. I find so much joy in capturing every detail about you and your relationship, and how that reflects throughout your entire wedding day and engagement shoot. 

All weddings are shot by myself and my boyfriend, Chris, who has a heart for adventure and hanging out with rad couples just as much as I do! He's the one who will make sure we wake up at 3am to be on top of a mountain for a sunrise photoshoot. 

We can't wait to hangout with you guys!

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2018 TRAVEL DATES, so far...



January 24 - 28


April 26 - 29




November 14 - 20



California Road Trip

February 14 - 22


May 30 - June 5

Oahu & Kauai


New Zealand - South Island

March 5 - 23


June 6 - 13

Riviera Maya & Tulum

September 15 - 29


April 9 - 13


June 15 - 21


November 7 - 13

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to shoot in any of these locations during these times! I will be offering discounted shoots while I'm traveling.