Vancouver, British Columbia

Chris and I spent a week exploring a new area of Canada that we'd never been to before- Vancouver. We have a lot of fellow photographer friends that are from BC, and we have always loved the photos they share of their home so we knew we had to see it for ourselves. Lets just say, it did not disappoint. We were able to experience the beauty of this place, and spend time with amazing friends! 

Thank you Hertz for the awesome ride! 


Two months, Seven countries. Europe has it all.

If you’re a fan of road tripping around the U.S., you are going to love exploring Europe. Chris and I just got back from two months on the road with Hertz Europe, and it was unlike anything we could have imagined. With the exception of a quick flight from Greece, we were able to drive between 6 countries, all very close in proximity, that include: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and our personal favorite that we’ll be showcasing first, Italy

From the rich history and old architecture of Rome, to the uniquely different and tiny coastal towns, the endless wine fields and the insanely gorgeous mountain range of the Dolomites- Italy is straight from a dream. Also, the food and coffee is out of this world. 


As professional photographers, we usually have to wake up early for a clean picture. In Greece, it was the exact opposite. The crowds are what make this absolutely breathtaking destination an experience. Everyone gathers in Oia to watch the sun go down, cheer, drink and be merry. Visit any of Greece’s other 227 inhabited islands, and the experience is similar, though each island still offers unique views and activities. 



We heard the landscapes in Slovenia were beautiful, but this was unexpected. Possibly the bluest water we’ve ever seen and if you get the chance to visit during Fall, you’re in for a treat.



Drive 30 minutes, and you’re in Austria. Surrounded by mountains in every direction, the hiking culture is huge and you’ll want to spend a few days in the town of Hallstatt. Wake up early here to beat the crowds, though.



Looking to explore a complete fairytale? Head to Germany and you’ll be so surprised with the amount of castles you find around every turn. Although all four corners of the country have something to offer and a few hidden gems, you’ll want to set aside extra time for the long drives. We recommend the Harz and Saxon Switzerland National Parks!



No matter where you end up in Switzerland, you can’t go wrong. We quickly became obsessed with how beautiful this country was. The locals are so nice, there are roads on every cliffside and every valley, the food is amazing- and it's all a little on the pricier side... Bring a few credit cards haha



When you think of France, you instantly jump to Paris! The cities elegance and the romance of the Eiffel Tower undoubtedly lives up to the hype. Make sure you grab a bottle of wine and soak up the views from the lawn. And if we failed to mention how beautiful the coast and countryside were, we’d be doing the country a disservice.


Sweet Summertime in Banff National Park

When my good friends asked if we could do an engagement shoot in Banff National Park, I could not have been more thrilled! Chris and I had been here during the winter, but it would be our first time exploring the Canadian Rockies in the summer time. We also set up a job with Avis Car Rental for our time in Alberta, and another day to work with our good friends over at Rockies Heli where we spent a day flying around incredible mountain peaks.

This trip started with a beautiful engagement shoot that you could check out here. After that, we road tripped throughout both Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. We even met up with the Toth Media team whose names and handles I've listed at the bottom of the blog. The days started at sunrise and ended at sunset, as usual, but the days are a lot longer in Canada during the summer. Most days began at 5:30am and end after sunset around 10:30pm. We were tired but surviving off of our excitement and couldn't wait to see what was next. 

We saw endless amounts of the bluest lakes, at least 10 bears (half of which were grizzlies), and enjoyed time around the campfire with friends. Check out my favorite moments below! 


Canada was explored with:



Bali, Indonesia.

Bali has been on my bucket list for a very long time, so when MVMT asked my boyfriend, Chris, and I if we were interested in going there to work on summer content, we were stoked!! Our travel time was pretty rigorous (40 hours of travel including flights + layovers), but it was completely worth it. 

Upon arriving in Bali, we took a 20 minute taxi ride to our airbnb (which was only $19 per night- check it out here) located in Kuta Utara. Once we arrived, we were able to rent scooters right out front for our full 12 days on the island for only $100 each! We would highly recommend renting scooters since the roads are so small and most destinations are only accessible by motor bikes. After renting the scooters, we only had a few hours left of daylight so we walked across the street from our place to Potato Head Beach Club and enjoyed a few drinks, amazing food, and a perfect view of the sunset from an infiniti pool. 


After this, we made our way up north and spent a few days at the Munduk Moding Plantation and explored all of the waterfalls nearby. There are endless amounts of waterfalls in North Bali and they are all uniquely beautiful! The people at Munduk were so welcoming and offered us their two bedroom villa with our own infiniti pool. We sipped coffee (some of the best I've ever had) and watched the sunset here. 


We also enjoyed our stay at the Handara Golf Resort which is home to the iconic temple entrance below. This resort also had absolutely incredible food and is worth a stay or at least a dinner! It is centrally located in North Bali to tons of waterfalls close by and near beach to take a dip on hotter days. 

After spending some time on the north part of the island, we made our way back down to the beaches for the remainder of our trip. We stayed at an airbnb located in South Kuta. It was only 7 minutes from Melasti Beach- a great beach for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. But it was about 30 minutes from Uluwatu, which is where we wanted to spend most of our time. The Single Fin bar in Uluwatu is a ton of fun, and the whole town has a great surf culture and tons of amazing breaks. Our airbnb was really nice and even had a private pool, but after a late night in Uluwatu, it didn't feel too safe riding on scooters so far late at night. I would book a place a little closer to everything next time. 

One of our favorite places to see was Ubud, Bali. While we stayed in Ubud, we explored the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, ate amazing food, walked the Campuhan Ridge Walk, and explored the Ubud Monkey Sanctuary. The rice terraces are actually free, but there will be people standing at the entrance asking for money to enter, you can walk right by or feel free to donate to whatever they are saying the money is going toward- just be careful to not get scammed! 

The food in Ubud is very very good everywhere you go. We had amazing acai bowls, pancakes, avocado toast, sushi, burgers... pretty much every food you can think of! I was especially excited about this because unfortunately, I'm not the biggest fan of Asian food (besides sushi!!). Our favorite restaurant was The Habitat, located right across the street from the monkey sanctuary. 

The monkey forest was one of the coolest experiences on our trip. Be careful though, these monkeys are quick and will steal things from your bag when you least expect it. Just keep your bag zipped and your camera strap around your wrist and you will be fine. 


If you have any questions about this trip, or need a little help planning your own trip here, feel free to shoot me an email! I suggest downloading Google Maps for offline since you can download all of Bali, and typing in the addresses/locations on there. It was very accurate for us and we rarely had issues finding locations. If you do, just show a local a photo of where you're going and they are always willing to help! 

Here's a few more of my favorite shots from the trip, thanks for reading! 


Road Tripping through the Canadian Rockies during Winter

When I think of cold weather, I think of, about, 30 degrees... Needless to say, I wasn't entirely mentally prepared for car camping in sub zero temperatures. Nonetheless, I would do it all over again tomorrow just to experience the beauty of the Canadian rockies during the winter season. See photos below and read more at: Mvmt Watches, Winter Escape.