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My ultimate goal in life is to pet all the dogs and summit all the mountains. I also love documenting life with my camera in hand, laughing without holding back, and living each day in God's grace.

Nothing makes me happier than genuine relationships with others. I think that's the ultimate gift we have in this lifetime, not how many places we've seen or how much money we made. At the end of life, I want to leave a legacy that was filled with as many memories with others as possible, not stamps on my passport that fade away. 

This is why shooting weddings and elopements means so much to me. Especially when we can adventure somewhere new and beautiful together! I believe marriage is the ultimate commitment people can make, one of the greatest aspects of your legacy, and something that should be remembered forever. Investing in good wedding photography is something you will never regret, especially when you get to show your children and grandchildren timeless images of where your family began. 






raves + reviews

Victoria & Thomas

I will start out by saying when looking for a photographer for your engagement and wedding pictures you want to make sure you’re choosing the right person because these photos are what will last a lifetime and memories you will always have to look back on. Finding the right photographer is an investment because these photos are what brings back that one special day you get to relive over again.

We chose Meagan and Chris because we admired their style of photography and adventure-seeking hearts like mine and my husband. We had seen their work on social media and were in awe of each photo. Little did we know after shooting our engagement photos with Meagan and Chris, they were also one of the most down to Earth couples and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera (and that’s saying a lot for my husband who hates taking pictures). You immediately want to become best friends with them because they’re so passionate for what they do and they make you have so much fun doing it that it’s contagious.

From our engagement shoot up in Yosemite to our wedding day down in San Diego, Meagan and Chris captured each and every moment so perfectly. Most of the photos of us laughing are real from something either Chris or Meagan said or joked about that helped make us feel more relaxed and ourselves. That’s when I believe you’ve found the right photographer when they can get the real and precious moments of you and the ones you love. Meagan and Chris exceeded our expectations when we received our wedding photos and we will forever be thankful for them.


Hailey & Christian

Meagan is my favorite photographer for many reasons. First, her fun and sweet personality makes getting pictures taken of you not awkward at all! 
Second, her editing is flawless and has never disappointed me. Third, she is super organized and made sure all the important shots were taken on my wedding day. I trusted her completely and was AMAZED how my photos came out. 
Lastly, she is just overall super talented! She is willing to travel for you and do the craziest things to get the best shot. 
SERIOUSLY, you will not be disappointed by booking with Meagan for whatever your photo needs may be. 


Whitney & Justin

I got a first hand glimpse of Meagan Lindsey's work when she shot for my brother's wedding this last Fall, and the photos were PHENOMENAL. So, of course, I wanted her to shoot for my husband and I's wedding as well this January! Meagan's creative talent is one-of-a-kind. She has such an eye for catching the unique personality of the couple-- considering our photos were equally as beautiful as my brothers, yet strikingly different! Logistically, Meagan is organized, adaptable, and intentional about knowing what your "style" is. She is efficient and kind in organizing group shots, and dashingly clever with her candids. With all the wedding details, you want a photographer that you trust will capture you and your love's special day, and I can honestly say that Meagan can do just that and more! Friendly, professional and incredibly talented, Meagan Lindsey is a must! I recommend her without any reservations! I promise that you will not be disappointed with her work (or her company, either)!


Riki & Reed

"One of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding was hiring Meagan to be our photographer! My Husband and I wanted to find someone we connected with to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera and Meagan did just that. Meagan and Chris helped keep the entire day on schedule, while still being attentive to making sure we felt like we were spending enough time with our friends and family. Throughout the day they were always checking in to make sure that we were getting the pictures we wanted. They even picked a new location to shoot last minute because we were feeling like we did not want to spend more time away from our friends and family. Meagan and Chris both have the ability to make you feel calm and at ease regardless of what is going on. On a day where I felt like taking time for pictures was going to take away from being with friends and family, it actually ended up being the few times during the day where we could take a deep breathe and take it all in. My husband and I honestly just felt like we were hanging out with our close friends all day! I am so thankful to Meagan and Chris for helping make our day so stress free! On top of just being wonderful people, they also gave us the most stunning pictures that truly captured the heart of our day. I am forever grateful and I highly recommend talking to Meagan before your wedding!"

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Kim & Blake

I was in search of a talented, flexible, fun photographer and by the first email she sent me I knew I found just that! Though she lives in Southern California she loves to travel, so thankfully the 7 hour trek to my venue was not at all a problem for her. She worked with my wedding coordinator to assure timing for pictures were all set, but wasn't rude or pushy when things were running a little behind. Her work is amazing! I loved every picture I received - which was every photo she took!! She edited every single one BEAUTIFULLY. We even got all the hundreds of photos just 2 weeks after our wedding! There was the perfect blend of a few posed and tons of candid photos (which I LOVE more than anything). Not only is she amazing with people and portraits, but her landscape photos are just as impressive. She will be able to capture the beauty of your venue or location so you can remember it for a lifetime. Meagan was an absolute pleasure to work with! Even our wedding guests noticed how great she was. Book her for your wedding now!!! It will make your planning that much easier and you will not be disappointed :)

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